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Did you know It only takes 23 people to enter a room to give you an evens chance that two of them have the same birthday? With 75 people in the room, the chances rise to 99 percent! WOW!

I love math and in fact, I have been teaching math to middle school students for 15 years. I learned a great deal about math when I was pursuing my master’s degree in education. I have spent my adult life teaching children.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. As I mentioned, I hold a Master’s degree in Education as well. I have an Educator Certificate in the state of Texas.

I especially love helping middle school students prepare for higher-level math courses that they will encounter in high school and college. I currently work for a local junior high as a math teacher and coach (football and basketball). Needless to say, I enjoy taking mundane math topics and find ways to make those topics fun and interesting, so kids not only learn but retain the things they learn.

I teach middle school math: foundations in math and Pre- Algebra. I teach topics such as ratios and unit rates, proportions, integers, exponents, scientific notation, all arithmetic operations with fractions and decimals, percent, real and rational numbers, expressions and equations, linear relationships, linear equations, and functions. In addition, I teach geometric concepts such as angles, angle relationships, area, surface area, and volume. , also, teach probability and statistics as well.

I wanted to become a teacher to continue to do something that I am passionate about, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in our global community. In my free time, I have been married for 16 years and I am a dad to four wonderful children. I am Coach Dean and I am very excited to be your teacher. I currently offer private middle school math tutoring on Outschool, check it out and email me if your student needs private math lessons.

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Certified Expert Math Teacher

Lee Dean

Coach Dean