Adding Integers

This tutorial will explain how to add integers (positive and negative numbers).

Integers are all whole numbers, including zero, and their opposites (negative numbers). On a horizontal number line all the numbers to the right of zero are positive and all the numbers to the left of the zero are negative. Integers do not include decimals or fractions.

When dealing with positive numbers, the farther away from zero the larger the value of the number.

When dealing with negative numbers, the closer to zero the larger value of the number.

Add Integers with the Same Sign

If the signs are the same (all the numbers are positive OR all the numbers are negative): add the numbers and keep the sign.


add integers with same sign

Add Integers with Different Signs

If the signs are different Subtract the numbers, and take the sign of the number that has the highest absolute value.


add integers with different signs

Watch a Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial comparing fractions.

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