Comparing and Ordering Real Numbers

Comparing and ordering real numbers is a fairly simple process.

What form are the real numbers in?

It is much easier to compare or order real numbers if they are in the same form. It is best if they are in decimal form. You can convert any real number to a decimal. This can be done with pencil and paper but it is best to convert these numbers to decimals using a scientific calculator.

Use a number line or simply compare the decimals

It is helpful to use a number line especially if you have many numbers. You can also just compare the decimals.

Which order are you putting the numbers in?

Ascending order is putting the numbers from least to greatest. Descending order is putting the numbers from greatest to least. Put the decimals in order according to the problem you are trying to solve.

Once you have ordered decimals…

Change the numbers back to their original form.

It is simple.

Use these steps and you should be able to compare and order any set of real numbers.

Practice Worksheet

Learn how to classify real numbers.

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