Divide Fractions, Whole, and Mixed Numbers

Dividing fractions is a little completed complicated than multiplying fractions, however, it is important to remember that dividing fractions is essentially multiplying with reciprocals

Examples of reciprocal

Steps for Dividing Fractions (KCF)

K (Keep) C (Change) F (Flip)

  1. Keep the first Fraction.
  2. Change the division sign to multiplication.
  3. Flip the second fraction.

(we are multiplying using the reciprocal)


Visual of Dividing with Fractions

Here is a visual representation of what is actually happening when you divide using a fraction. If 6 apples are each divided by 1/2, you end up with 12 halves.


Dividing with Fractions

Remember KCF, we are multiplying using a reciprocal

Dividing Whole Numbers with Fractions

Remember to put the whole numbers over 1.

Dividing with Mixed Numbers

Turn mixed numbers into improper fractions first.



Learn how to multiply fractions. 


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