Place Value

In this middle school tutorial, we will take a closer look at place value. This tutorial looks at place value from the millions to the thousandths place including the decimal point. The number system that is widely used is a decimal system and each digit of a number has value based on where it is located in the number. Each number’s value is a power of 10.

Place Value

The value of a digit of a number based upon the place it is in the number.

Example: The number 532, the 3 is in the tens place, so its actual value is 30.

Example: The number 12.879, the 7 is in the hundredths place, so its actual value is 0.07

place value


Place Value Diagram

place value chart

How Place Value Works

Here is a diagram of the number 1,329.

place value


Here is an example of a decimal in the place value system.

decimal place value

Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video on place value.

Interactive Class

For an interactive middle school math class on this material, click here.

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